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Underwriting Secrets Revealed teaches you how to create quality files and build credibility with your underwriters, this will result in packaging loans that return with little to NO conditions from the underwriter!  


This course is for you if you are:

  • Experiencing stagnant pipelines
  • Silently stressed out about your lack of knowledge
  • Constantly explaining yourself to the underwriter?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with frustrated borrowers constantly reaching out to you?
  • Drowning in unfulfilled conditions from the underwriter and overwhelmed with their never-ending list of conditions?
  • A Mortgage Loan Originator wondering when your next loan will close?
  • Have little to no referrals
  • Are you a mortgage loan processor with several monthly QC hits?

Does it have to be so difficult to close more loans?

No! Not if you learn from an experienced Underwriter that will unveil the curtains and show you how it’s really done, faster and smarter.

I know what it is to be new in the mortgage industry with no real help or mentor to help you along and I understand what it is to be seasoned in the mortgage industry and boggled down with conditions that I now I have to explain to the borrower.

It’s an uncomfortable conversation and most borrower are more concerned with then they are going to close, then how many conditions the underwriter just gave you!

In the “Underwriting Secrets Revealed” training course, I am going to take you from spending hours putting out fires, walking in the dark, wondering what you’ve missed, to becoming a confident, knowledgeable, valued, and trusted business partner that closes more loans with ease, increase your bonus (loan processors) and gets business referrals on repeat (mortgage loan originators).

  • Module 1: The secrets of a Mortgage Loan Underwriter
  • Module 2: Bedrock for Success!
  • Module 3: Qualify the borrower- Leave no stone unturned!
  • Module 4: Verify the borrower’s information – Combat potential issues!
  • Module 5: Package an irresistible loan file- or as I like to call it “AN UNSTOPPABLE FILE”
  • Module 6: The Confident Loan Closer

By the end of this course you will be able to read the underwriter’s mind and become a ninja at closing loans than you ever have!  OK……. maybe you won’t become a mind reader, but you will be able to anticipate AND combat any issues that could arise!

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