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About Us

Ask The Underwriter (formerly Alpha Mortgage Training) has taken a combined 65 years of processing and underwriting experience from our trainers and created several courses over the past 20 years. The courses we are offering are:

Underwriting Sense™....into the mind of an Underwriter

FHA Jumpstart™

USDA Jumpstart™

Pipeline Stoppers™

Closing Quality Loans and many more

We are Passionate about what we do!

Ask The Underwriter was created by a Mortgage Underwriter to help you put guidelines into practice and address what the Underwriter is looking for? Our training courses are geared toward the actual mortgage process and we use training techniques that address real mortgage scenarios.

Founder of Ask the Underwriter

Dionne Bass

Founder of Ask the Underwriter

Our Story

D. Bass has 25 years of Mortgage banking/lending experience. She has worked as a Contract Underwriter for 3 major Mortgage Insurance Companies as well as underwritten for several major lending institutions. She has also written and performed seminars and workshops for various Mortgage Brokers for over 18 years. During her time at different underwriting assignments she found she spent most of her day on the phone with mortgage brokers helping them restructure their files, explaining the mortgage process and explaining the basic mortgage fundamentals. Despite time constraints, pipelines and the infamous end of the month rush she managed to help all of her brokers. She began offering weekend seminars when she could. Although she wanted to help them all it was just not possible, a majority of these originators were in different states. Alpha Mortgage Training (later Ask The Underwriter) was born. Going online provided her with a way to reach mortgage professionals in any state.

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