Dionne Bass
Trainer & Development Coach

D. Bass has 24 years of Mortgage banking/lending experience. She has worked as a Contract Underwriter for 3 major Mortgage Insurance Companies as well as underwritten for several major lending institutions. She has also written and performed seminars and workshops for various Mortgage Brokers for over 18 years.

During her time at different underwriting assignments she found she spent most of her day on the phone with mortgage brokers helping them restructure their files, explaining the mortgage process and explaining the basic mortgage fundamentals. Despite time constraints, pipelines and the infamous end of the month rush she managed to help all of her brokers. She began offering weekend seminars when she could. Although she wanted to help them all it was just not possible, a majority of these originators were in different states.

Alpha Mortgage Training (later Ask The Underwriter) was born. Going online provided her with a way to reach mortgage professionals in any state.

Amber Bryan
Trainer & Development Coach

Amber has over 26 years of mortgage lending experience and says she has never had a boring day. She has witnessed residential lending before credit scores were utilized and in the ever-changing mortgage industry has kept up! She has consulted banks and wholesale brokers looking to expand their lending capacities with government products and work with financial services who expand to VA test cases where they become LAPP and SAR approved. She also helped with the lender approval process for USDA single family program pending market driven desire. Ask The Underwriter is honored to have Amber on our team!

Dina Maeweather

Dina Maeweather has over 15 years of solid mortgage experience, including positions as a Sr. Mortgage Underwriter, Team Lead, Mentor, Owner/Operator of a processing company and Forensic Fraud Underwriter. Dina has a passion for teaching and sharing her knowledge with others, her patience is like no other and her southern charm always wins participants over.